In a house, on a road, in a town, in a count, in a state
Finding my self divorced at 50, living alone for the first time EVER in my adult life I finally feel free, empowered and fearless! Though I'm putting my broken pieces together and may be sharp around the edges I won't hurt anyone on my way to my new self. I have teenage kids who are amazing. I have truly been blessed and I'm amazed at how many great things they have seen in just a few short years. A black president, a female presidential candidate, gay marriage legalized (love to you my dear sister and your wife). My I'm passionate about denouncing the stigma of mental illness. Diagnosis for me came just before my youngest son first birthday. The first 10 years were unbearable, but now things are pretty normal. I'm no different than someone with any other chronic illness. If I take medicine I'm fine, I follow doctors orders and collaborate with my medical team. Being proactive gives me power over my illness! I am not bipolar any more than she is cancer, or he is heart disease. Just a different body part that's broken. I'm just not AFRAID to fix mine. Least not judge what you have not experienced or TRIED to understand. It may have taken years to get to a graceful of acceptance of my own self.....coming soon...still thinking