Emily. Maine. 15. Single. I hate being lonely. I hate when a perfect day turns bad. I hate losing friends. I hate when someone claims to love you but their actions show differently. I hate being criticized for who I am. I hate tears. I hate being tied down. I hate being insecure. I hate knowing that who I love may never love me back. I hate being made fun of if I don't fit in. I hate Chemistry. I {sometimes} hate being single.................... I love sunshine. I love watching the sun set. I love Jesus and being a Christian. I love rain. I love photography. I love putting feelings into words. I love dreaming big. I love living each day like my last. I love my amazing friends. I love wearing mismatched socks. I love shopping. I love bright colors. I love wearing my nutty hot pink sunglasses and laughing at the stares I get. I love laughter. I love music. I love randomness. I love flip flops. I love being unique. Like me or hate me, I won't change my "uniqueness" for anyone. I am one of those rare people who dares to be themselves NO MATTER what anyone else thinks...will you join me? Let's be friends..know thatI'm always here for you. Random fact about me.. I change my user name all the time ;)