Donald Beres Jr

This is a would be Poet, and his alter ego's quest. They are self publishing their written works of short stories, writes, and poetry. While increasing their portions, from this treasured laden land of wires, bits, and bites and other technical jargon use by the ever eluding Inter-Net Guru's and techies of the secrete world of the WORLD WIDE WEB. Watch closely as they storm head long into the daily battle of searching for the golden keys of wisdom. Come and learn their tips and tricks, as they decipher hidden codes and coded terminology. While adding them to the chests, that they've buried deep through out the islands, of the vast and endless INERT-NET and its forever growing ports of call. Islands of landing pages, taverns know as Social Media sites, Bookmarked fortresses, and the mysterious mystics, of the religious order of Indexers. As they venture forward and onward facing endless and perilous side steppers, Yellow Bellied Snakes, and Blowhards with their false claims to fame and fortune. Which truly only leave you on the endless Merry-go-rounds of confusion and penny-less. These two faithful hearts will leave you bits of treasure everywhere they land. Come Earn as you Learn! Here them shout, as they sing at the top of their lungs! Somebody Come and Play! You to may join the crew of the Lover of Lost Souls and be shipmates and partners with these two fearless swashbucklers and take a share of the endless looted booty. Come Grow as you Go along with these two adventurers, onward and upward with wreck-less abandon they proceed. First-mate "Donnie the tenderhearted" and "Captain Sinbad the Sailor Man". Somebody Come and Play Today! Donald Beres Jr./ Sinbad the Sailor Man