Michael Har-Noy

Dr. Michael Har-Noy founder and CEO of Immunovative Therapies, Ltd., is devising unique methods cancer therapy. Dr. Michael Har-Noy has spent his career formulating immunologic drugs that may benefit millions of victims of cancer. Three of Dr. Michael Har-Noy’s prototype drugs, AlloStimTM, CryoStimTM, and AlloVaxTM, have the potential to completely eliminate different types of cancer cells at any stage of growth. These unique drugs may truly revolutionize the way oncology is practiced. To know more visit at: - ww.authorstream.com/michaelharnoy - https://twitter.com/michaelharnoy1 - https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-har-noy - https://about.me/michaelharnoy - http://www.powershow.com/search/kw/presentations/dr_michael_harnoy