Robin Waynette Nelson Cross

I live in the town of Lauderdale, Ms 39335
I am a true Southern lady, living in a small tight community of great ranching people, people who are dedicated to their Church, Church Family & their pastor! I have lived here all my life & have built very close relationships with everyone here, & the people here are wonderful!! I have 4 children that are all grown now but are still close! I also have a wonderful, loving husband that is helping me raise my 3 grandchildren, & I am extremely blessed to have him! I spend a lot of time reading, & I am an avid writer of true history of small towns & communities. I love to garden & landscape my land. I am a true green thumb, it's a true passion! I enjoy decorating my home & outdoor spaces. I use all diy ideas & love putting things together & making it work. I also Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Oil Paint freehand. Other than that, I love the outdoors, the woods, mountains & hiking. I also have a passion for animals, horses, German Shepherd's, cats, & just anything cute. I love spending time with my family most of all, & I love reading & studying my Bible & talking to God!!