Shutting Down
Imgfave will be shutting down for good on April 29th 2020.

Unfortunately imgfave will be shutting down operations soon :( Long story short, I have been operating imgfave at a loss for awhile now we can no longer afford to keep the servers running. I want to thank everyone in the imgfave community. Some of you have been coming to imgfave to find and share your visual inspiration for as long as 10 years! For many of you it has become an important part of your daily routine. I'm sorry to have to shut it down, but it's just no longer as possible to keep the lights on.

But what about my images?

Update (March 31st 2020):
We have an Imgfave export app for Mac users. Please see this guide for the download link and instructions. You'll need to know your imgfave username and password, which if you've forgotten, can be reset here (it actually works now). If you cannot get into your account for some reason email with any account info you can provide and I'll help you out.

We'll have a solution for Windows users soon. We'll update here when it's ready, but I highly suggest you email me at Just say something like "need windows app" and I'll make sure to remind you when it's ready. Just don't want you to forget before the April 29th shutdown :)

If you try the Mac app and run into any issues you can email and we'll help you out.

Update (March 5th 2019):
Progress on the imgfave exporter tool is coming along nicely. I've gotten some emails from people concerned about getting their images out, so just want to assure you that you'll have time to do so once the tool is ready. Please make sure you have an up-to-date email set in your imgfave account so that you can receive our announcement.

Update (Oct 3rd 2018):
You can now view your own profile and collections once logged in. I've also updated the Pinterest share option so that if you share an image to Pinterest it will use the original source url instead of linking back to imgfave. This should be helpful to those that would like to manually start moving some of their images over to Pinterest. Still working on a way to allow users to download a full export of all their images.

You can email me at with any questions or concerns and I'll do my best to get back to you.